Hello! As I procrastinate my Uni work on this rainy and dreary Wednesday I can’t help but think how it feels like forever since I last posted on here which I absolutely hate. Uni has been absolutely crazy and hectic at the moment and i’ve been busy doing some work stuff and working on a few different photography related projects as well. I’m never one for making excuses even if I am the world’s biggest procrastinator… A well known fact since my high school days, but that’s beside the point, so I apologise for my absence but I am here now and ready to get back into the swing of things.

photography - behind the lens

In photography there is something about being behind the camera

that I absolutely have fallen in love with. It’s one thing to be in front of the camera but it’s a whole other thing to be the one to take creative control. I find when I’m in front of the camera i’m constantly worrying about how I look. I find i’m nit picking certain things that aren’t imperative to the photo. Things like making sure I have the correct facial and body construction and composing poses that look ‘good’. If I could clone myself to take my own photos I would. Not that i’m talking up my photography skills in any way. I am only a beginner and just getting started, but as a creative I find I have a style and vision that I like to adhere. This style is much easier when behind the lens.

As mentioned earlier my photography skills are only at their beginning stages. I’ve been going a bit overboard lately as I’ve been trying to learn as much as I possibly can. From navigating Photoshop and Lightroom to learning about my camera and lenses. It’s a huge learning process especially when self taught. I’ve found though that the more that I have practiced the better my photo’s have slowly become. I’m quite an impatient person and like things to be done quickly and in the easiest way possible. I’ve found with learning photography, like anything really it takes time and repetition to get good. I’m from the audio world, which is quite different from the photographic world, although I will say that while I have been learning photography it has surprised me with some of the similarities between the two mediums.

For this shoot I shot with Brittany who is an actor/model from here in Sydney. She was a an absolute pleasure to work with while getting photo’s done for her portfolio. I think it’s always great when working with a model that you have the same shared vision for the shoot with. I hope you all enjoy these photos and as always with more work comes more posts like this. Now to start my Uni assignments which are due sooner than i’d like… Wish me luck because I think i’ll need it.

behind the lens
photography - behind the lens
photography - behind the lens

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