Cocoandchic started as an idea and passion for all things fashion, travel and style, and for Claire launching cocoandchic was just another accolade to add to her already successful brand. Claire started her career in entertainment as a singer/songwriter. As a musician her talents range from skilful Guitar rifts to Piano play and light cheerful vocals that draw in the listener from the first note. As an artist, Claire had major success right off the bat.

Her first release “All I Wanted’ was the #1 breakout and reached #20 on the Billboard Dance/Club Charts. Subsequently, Claire was featured in an issue of Billboard’s Tomorrow’s Hits. Her single to follow ‘Take Me Back’ outdid any expectations and reached a phenomenal #4 on the Billboard Dance/Club Charts. On the music side Claire has worked alongside Grammy winner Dave Aude along with Grammy nominated Stonebridge and studio technician Kemper Oz to name a few. Alongside music Claire has also branched out into acting with a diploma in “Acting for Screen, Television and Film’.

Another passion Claire shares with her blog is photography, where she mainly focuses on fashion, travel and lifestyle photography. So far Claire has worked with various models for portfolio shoots.

Being a creative individual and having the experience she has had in the entertainment, creative and music industries is what lead Claire to launch her site in late December of 2016. From an early age Claire has explored her stylistic cravings of everything uber feminine, classic and chic. Looking to style icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot is what helped Claire to define her brand. Cocoandchic is an evolution of the world Claire has created for herself. Once you step into this world, It’s hard not to feel instantly captivated by her digital prowess.

Claire defines herself as an ambitious over achiever with a professional confidence that exudes. Claire embodies the voice of a young generation. She is style-savvy and wanderlust infused. You never know where her next adventure awaits.


cocoandchic is a connected online destination with a network consisting of stories of wanderlust, fashion and lifestyle. With aspirational curated content for the young woman, cocoandchic encapsulates the everyday with a purpose to inspire stylish and sophisticated elegance. Our motto is to attract positivity as we believe that empowered women empower women. As best described by Coco Chanel “fashion changes, but style endures”.