I think it is hard these days to find good role models to look up to. I am often saddened by today’s pop culture. I fear that young teens, especially girls don’t really have anyone who is genuine to look up to that is in the lime light. Let’s face it it’s 2017 and with social media everyone just wants to put their best foot forward, but what often comes with this is the wrong kind of focus. A focus on superficiality rather than humbleness. I think we can all say we’ve been guilty of this.

If there is one celebrity that I admire in 2017 it is Lily Collins. I’ve been a huge fan of hers for a while. I think she is just an incredible actress and seems to have a certain class that is so rare. She stays relevant because of her work ethic and has little, if any negative attention surrounding her name and I admire her so much for that. Not too long ago I saw that she released a book titled ‘Unfiltered’. I got instantly excited and bought a copy pretty much straight away.

For any young girl out there I highly recommend giving this book a read. Reading this book definitely made me do some soul searching. It’s like having a candid conversation with your best friend. She is extremely honest and talks openly about a range of topics that we all experience… Everything from boys and navigating relationships to battling body image.

The collection of essay’s inspire you to be who you are and to live life ‘unfiltered’. She makes you feel like you’re not alone and that it’s okay to create a conversation.

As she states

“no shame, no regrets, just me”

and that’s exactly what you get.


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