“A feeling of weariness, sadness, apathy and general distress that many individuals feel when starting the Monday morning work week”.

Monday, that dreaded day of the week that everybody loves to hate. Anybody singing in their head “It’s just another manic Monday, I wish it was Sunday. ‘Cause that’s my fun day” ?? After a long weekend it can be hard to face reality of another week. Another week of work and getting back into a monotonous routine. Monday is like a big slap in the face waking you up and reminding you that you don’t have an excuse to be lazy.

We usually feel the woes Sunday evening, worrying about what we have to do for the week ahead. It’s like we can’t do anything about it. Monday is coming and we have to be prepared and brace ourselves. But what if I was to tell you that there is a way to beat Monday-itis and actually start liking Mondays? Get ready because I am about to change your mind.

Be productive & make a plan

Part of the reason why we tend to hate the start of the week is because we look at it as a burden. When we feel busy we tend to feel stressed and rush things. What can often follow is procrastination because we end up in denial. In order to start liking Mondays and start your week off the right way you need to be productive and take a proactive approach. Creating a plan for the day or week is a great way to set out your priorities.

Think of everyday as if it were Friday

Why do we like Fridays so much?  Is it because we have the weekend to look forward to by doing the things that we enjoy doing? Take this mindset into every other day of the week. Monday can be just as good as Friday if you want it to be. Changing your mindset can help in changing your attitude.

Set yourself goals so you have something to look forward to

I personally don’t mind Monday because it gives me a fresh start. Focus on setting yourself goals for the week so you have something to look forward to. Try and find your motivation and work your butt off so you can look forward to what lies ahead for the rest of week. Is it weekend drinks with friends? Is it watching a new episode of your favourite TV series?

How to beat Monday-itis and start your week the right way

Image credentials: Li-Chi Pan

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