Identifying as a digital influencer is becoming harder because it is becoming increasingly saturated. In order to fully immerse yourself in the digital space it is important to know the tricks of the trade. Everything from marketing to creating a social presence to communication and so on. I’m just as passionate about the inner workings of content creation as I am about the creation process itself.

I decided to start this ‘business’ page on my blog to share what I’ve learn’t and hopefully help some of you #girlbosses out there. For my first post I wanted to touch on branding. Branding is a huge part of creating an online presence that can often be overlooked. Most importantly it can spell the difference in transforming your online persona into a career or not. In creating a personal brand there are two main points that I think are the most important to take into consideration which are outlined below.

Eliminate your competition by having a niche

If there is one thing that I have noticed when it comes to the ‘influencer’ sphere it is that it’s becoming increasingly harder to stand out from the crowd. Now days digital careers are becoming more prevalent and with more widespread popularity comes more competition. I like to look at it this way. Yes competition is annoying (especially if you are new to the digital entrepreneurial world such as blogging), but instead of looking at competition as a burden look at it as a metaphorical vehicle.

A car can’t function without an engine and you can’t function without a driving force (no pun intended). Your driving force is your competition (or engine) that keeps you going. It gives you that competitive edge and get’s you to aim for something. The objective is to take inspiration from your competitors and then try and eliminate them. A great technique is to eliminate your competitors and attract a target audience by tactfully building a niche market. Think to yourself

what makes you stand out?

What makes you unique and different?

You want to build a rapport with your audience/readers and want people to know what they can expect from you when they see your content. Part of building a niche is building trust and that trust all starts with one person… You.

A great example of this is Brooke Sward from travel blog World of Wanderlust. Brooke’s niche is clearly travel but what sets her apart from the competition is her personal documentaries of her travels mixed with her educative writing style. E.g. “7 cities and towns you must visit in the Netherlands”.

Stay consistent and create an aesthetic that reflects who you are

They always say that consistency is key and it couldn’t be more true. When creating content online whether that be a blog or YouTube channel… Whatever it is you want your audience to know who you are. Being disjointed doesn’t do anybody any favours. It’s confusing. Think about the details that represent you. Let these details inspire and transfer to the content you create. If it’s a blog for example, a good place to start is via your site.

You want to pay attention to the colours you use, the font/s, photography and creative direction, key words and headings, layout etc. All these individual elements should come together to become part of your brand. I like to think about it like this. When you look at a well known brand such as McDonalds you only need to look at the logo to automatically know the brand. It should be the same for your aesthetic. People should be able to view your aesthetic and know it is associated with you.

A good example is YouTuber and Style Blogger Carly Cristman. She had developed an aesthetic for her brand that revolves around neutrals. She’s said herself that she is “allergic to colour”. She keeps this consistent across all of her platforms and due to this she has made this become a crucial part of her personal brand.

Some things to think about when creating your aesthetic are:

What is your purpose/objective?

What are you hoping to achieve for your audience in the content you create?

Who is your intended audience?

One thing that can help to create your aesthetic is to create

a mood board of inspiration.

Pinterest is amazing for this because it keeps everything organised. I have a ‘mood board’ folder on my desk top as well where I’ll put things I’ve found on the internet or scanned in articles and images from magazines. Similarly I have created a bookmark folder in my web browser. As people we are naturally drawn to different things and there is often a commonality found. Visually laying your inspiration out is extremely helpful.

In terms of creating a brand these are probably the couple of things that I think is most important to take into consideration. There is obviously a lot more that I will go into with future blog posts. For now, I hope this has helped some of you.

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