The Law Of Attraction

"The law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life"

Recently I’ve been getting into this concept of the law of attraction. No matter what circumstances or path you have been dealt with in life, I believe that you are the sole vehicle of your own destiny. I think this concept of the law of attraction speaks true in going for what you want.

One of the words I hate to hear most is ‘no’.. Without generalisation of the word, it depends on the context in which the word is used. E.g. no i’m not going to out tonight because I have to study is where the word is good because it relates to will power, but no you can’t do something because it’s too far our of reach ¬†or in your wildest dreams is where it draws the line and irritates me. Sadly ‘no’ in this context is a word we as individuals have grown a custom to. Why is that? Why is it that when we want something so bad or achieve something that people are at the ready to knock us down or tell us we shouldn’t or can’t do it?

This is where it all relates back to the law of attraction. I am a strong believer that the reason why most people fail is because they stop trying and give up. If there is one thing that my Mum has taught me from a young age, it is that when you hear the word ‘no’, instead of letting it defeat you, you should use it to drive you even further. To prove to yourself that you are capable and you can do it.

In life it can be so incredibly easy to make excuses. Moving forward I want to try and adopt more of a can do attitude. That’s what makes life exciting. If we were all given everything on a silver or gold platter and had no worries then life would be pretty boring. We all have a purpose and it’s all about focusing in on that purpose. I think it’s also important to have some perspective. In relation to this idea of improving, if you are out to prove others wrong then you need to re-adjust your frame of mind. Going against societal norms in that “the world doesn’t revolve you”… News flash, it kind of does. Yes it’s important to put others before yourself, but i’m talking about things from more of a business and developmental standpoint. Stop giving a damn about what others think if it’s holding you back. You are your worst critic and only you know your true self.

These are some of my views in relation to the idea of the law of attraction and am definitely wanting to look into it more as I do find it a fascinating topic. One of my favourite influencers Sonya Esman sums up this whole idea in a video she uploaded titled ‘The Meaning of Life” (linked below). After watching the video it really got me thinking and urge you all to watch it as well. It just made me think about what is really important in my life and what i need to re-evaluate. What do you all think?

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