Why Taking A Gap Year Was One Of The Best Things I Did

Hello wonderful readers and welcome back to yet another blog post. For this blog post I wanted to be a little bit more candid with you all  (hence the informal dialogue) so you can all get to know me a little better. I started this blog out of a gust and longing for inspiration and creativity. I decided I needed to change my perspective and direction.

I graduated high school in 2015, which now feels like a lifetime ago. To say I hated high school is a little harsh, but let’s say it was okay. Just like every high schooler there were moments that were incredibly amazing and moments I will always look back on and smile or laugh (sorry for the excessive cheesiness), but there were also moments that I would never chose to relive again.

Aside from the pressures of completing the HSC (final school exams) and finding out that dreaded ATAR (university submission mark) there was the usual pressures of being a teen. I feel these pressures were escalated when you factor in that I went to an all girls school. Now in 2017 I’m studying a Bachelor of Audio Engineering and can say that I am truly loving it. Now that i’m well into the swing of things with uni I thought i’d take a look back and tell you all why taking a GAP year was one of, if not the best decision I could have made.

You can find yourself

Okay again, this one sounds cliche, but it’s true. Taking a GAP year gave me time. Time to figure out what exactly I wanted, time to try new things and time to focus on myself without pressures or distractions. There wasn’t a mad rush to do anything and I loved that.

It makes you love and appreciate learning

If there is one thing that I can say was a negative about taking a GAP year it was the social isolation. While all my old high school friends had moved on, I was kind of just stuck. If there is however one thing I learn’t it is that I missed having that learning environment. I don’t think I would have been as into my Uni course now or made the friends I have if I hadn’t had the time away.

You get work experience

While on my GAP year I got to try new things that I never was able to in high school. One of the biggest things was getting my first job in retail. I learn’t so much from that job and made some great friends from it too.

You’ll get to try new things

One of my favourite things that I also did was take short courses on things that interested me. I took a few courses while on my GAP year that included everything from photography, acting and modelling to songwriting to name a few. Trying these kind of things gave me a good idea as to what I wanted to do when going back to Uni. Whether you’re on a GAP year or not, I think learning and improving your self and skills is important and my GAP year was the perfect opportunity to just do it.

You get the chance to travel

While on my GAP year I took a solo trip and holiday for a month in L.A. The trip really took me out of my comfort zone and is definitely something I would do again. If you would have told me a couple of years before that I would go on a solo holiday I would have said “you’re kidding”.

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