How To Find Your Own Unique Personal Style

You're born an original so don't die a copy"

In today’s modern society it seems everybody has to follow someone else. In a world where communication is instant thanks to social media it is easy to get caught up in the hype of the latest trends. So here is the question? How does one express their individuality and personal style in a digitised and consumer driven saturated and overcrowded space? If you were to have asked me in my early teen years I would have best expressed my personal style as uber girly and feminine. I’ve always been a huge fan of 50s and 60s fashion and the golden age of Hollywood, so my style would often reflect that. I cringe looking back sometimes.

Not that there is anythingwrong with vintage, as I still love vintage fashion and still collect it, but there is a line of something being outdated , which I never understood when I younger. As i’ve grown into young adulthood and out of those awkward tween teeny-bopper years my style has naturally developed. I have since let go of that super girly-girl within and opted for a more chic (my new favourite word) style. I’ve swapped the bright colours for more neutral, darker tones and the flared styles for something more structural and flattering for my figure. Don’t get wrong, I still love to let that feminine side come out, but in a more subtle and understated manner.

I think the turning point for me and my love of all things fashion is when I discovered the fashion bloggers and beauty/fashion YouTubers who I follow religiously and have been following religiously for years. Even before YouTube or Blogging became a ‘thing’. People like haperandhaperley, Zanita, Tuulavintage, margo&me, songofstyle, Chriselle Lim, inthefrow, tothe9s, Zoella, Vagabondyouth, thelineup etc. The link goes on and on.. Gave me a new perspective and ideas. I wanted to experiment and see what the latest and greatest trends were and how I could adapt that into my wardrobe.

One of my favourite fashion and style related quotes is “fashion is art and you are the canvas” by Ralph Lauren. You are you and fashion is about self-expression and making you feel the best you can be. I like to think of it this way. Fashion should reflect who are from within, so your personality can shine from the inside out. Style is about expressing your self, creating the protagonist of your imagination. I am a huge believer in style having no boundaries. No matter your genre, race, age or size your style is an extension of your passions and personality.

How to find your personal style

Find Your Style Muse

If you see something you like that someone is wearing, think to yourself what makes you like it? Don’t be afraid to ask someone or tell someone you like what they’re wearing and where its from. I know I  get a huge kick when someone compliments me on an outfit. Take inspiration from everywhere and anywhere. Street style, magazines, blogs. With the world wide web and technological advancements inspiration is easy to find. Pinterest is one of my favourite tools for fashion inspiration. I have boards ranging from classic inspiration, where I save inspiration from some of my favourite old Hollywood starlets including mainly Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, to boards containing fashion editorials. Having something or someone to bounce off of is a great idea and starting point, but as mentioned before, it’s important to think to yourself why you like something to get a better understanding.

Know your shape

We all come in different shapes and sizes. While I would say to just go for it and not listen to the rules, it is still good to know your body/figure and works for your shape so you can own that outfit. For example I am a triangle or pear shape. This means I am larger below the waist and smaller above the waist. My bust line is smaller in comparison to my hips, creating a pear or triangle shape. I want to choose clothes that accentuate my upper half and slimming effects on my bottom half to balance out the shape. Linked with this is colour tones. I am cool toned, so tend to look best in blue based colours as I have a pink complexion. It balances out. I guess what i’m trying to emphasis is enhancing your features. If you have amazing curves, don’t try and hide them.. Show them off and be proud of it!

How to find your personal style

Be confident

With the exception above if you are confident than that will show. If there is something people compliment you on, take it on board. Remember, clothes shouldn’t wear you, you wear the clothes!

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