Coachella Style 2017 & How To Create Your Festival Lookbook

Let’s call it Coachella style

Coachella is one of, if not the biggest musical events to happen in the year. Every year we look forward to hearing the line up, and for those who live too far away or unable to attend (i’m sadly included in this) we fantasise about the experience with the hopes of one day being able to witness such a spectacle.

Not only is Coachella synonymic with music and the festival lifestyle but the fashion plays an imperative part in making this weekend the highlight it has become.

Coachella has been marked in it’s own event within the fashion community. Over the years Coachella has grown a predictability of what is common to wear at Coachella. You have girls all blending in looking the same and wearing the same thing. So here is where I ask you the question? How are you going to stand out from the crowd, while keeping with the ‘Coachella uniform?”.

Coachella Style

Layer dainty pieces

Keep it #bohochic

Coachella Style

Keep it free flowing

Coachella Style

Play with prints

Coachella Style
Coachella Style

Pastel and playful

Try going monochromatic

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