Style Steal – Gigi Hadid

It's All About 'It' Girl Of The Moment.. Gigi Hadid

I can’t be the only one who has a massive girl crush on Gigi Hadid. A quick off track side note.. As a huge vintage fan, the resemblance between her and Brigitte Bardot (one of my favourite fashion icons) is uncanny don’t you think? Her style is always effortlessly chic and unpredictable in the best way.

It is the complete mix of cool, diverse and individual.

You never know what or who she will step out wearing next, but one thing is guaranteed. Whatever and whoever she ends up wearing she’s always guaranteed to rock it.

I absolutely love this outfit that she on in this picture and as soon as I saw it a few a couple of days ago in Harpers Bazaar I knew I had to go and recreate it.

It’s the ideal bled of edgy meets classic…

One of the main reasons why this outfit stood out to me is it’s varied layers. It isn’t all uniform and has an element of unpredictability. I mean, if you think of the ripped jeans themselves, they are hardly what is classified as a ‘classy’ or ‘chic’ item, yet when it is paired with the grey pumps and elegantly flowing coat it takes it to dressy instantly.

So let's start with the jeans

I think every girl needs a good pair of ripped jeans. Whether you decide to buy them distressed or distress a pair you already own, they are definitely a staple. They give a great contrast (as clearly shown and mentioned in this post) and can take any outfit to edgy. I managed to find a very similar pair online from ROMWE and I would hurry and grab a pair while you can. They are currently on sale and retailing for only AU$20.43. How good is that?If you are also after another similar pair you can grab similar ones from the same place where Gigi got hers – ONEXONETEASPOON. Unfortunately, the exact jeans she is wearing aren’t for sale anymore, but they have plenty of other similar alternatives, which I have linked in the image below.

style steal gigi hadid
style steal gigi hadid

The shoes

Let’s be real, a pair of pointed toe pumps can make anything look classic. I absolutely love how Gigi paired them with the ripped jeans. I managed to find a pair on ASOS that, while not exactly similar to Gigi’s, would work just as well as they still have that grey suede, pointed shape and colour.

style steal gigi hadid

The top

The silky white top is what, in my opinion, elevates this whole outfit. I love how it has the inbuilt choker to create that elongating effect, thus creating that feminine edge. I found a blouse that is almost identical to Gigi’s from one of my personal favourite Aussie online boutiques, Showpo. Having a simple top such as this is perfect for your everyday. Mix, match, pair and get ready to take charge.

style steal gigi hadid

The coat

I have to admit that I am a huge fan of coats, especially trench coats. This one that Gigi has on had me wanting it the minute I saw it. The trench has been a staple for women for decades and I don’t see it going out of fashion any time soon. Below I have linked a similar trench I found on The Iconic. Although Gigi is wearing one with sleeves, I think a sleeveless trench can also be a good alternative and add a fresh layer of luxury.

style steal gigi hadid

The clutch

For the clutch, Gigi was wearing an amazingly quirky Chanel clutch. Because of the neutral tones in the outfit you can get away with quite a bit when it comes to pairing a bag/clutch/pouch… you get the idea. Sticking to the same colour family is a good idea. I find myself always going back to MIMCO for my bag needs. The one that I have linked is a pouch that I already own and love. The soft pink makes it easy to mix and match with outfits, which is also why I find myself coming back to it again and again.

style steal gigi hadid

And last but not least, we can’t forget about those awesome sunnies.

The Illesteva Milan sunglasses that Gigi has on are totally amazing. Again, I think every big framed sunglasses are a must have more the modern woman on the run. I love big framed sunglasses as they help mask my early morning, pre-makeup eyes. I managed to find a similar pair from ASOS that retail for $24.

style steal gigi hadid

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