Why Taking A Road Trip Is One Of The Best And Fun Things To Do



Thurs, 23rd February 2017

Have you ever felt stuck and out of ideas of what to do or felt unmotivated and out of inspiration? I know that I have plenty of times. When it comes to those moments I always find it best to hit the open road and take a road trip down the coast. Not only is it a great way to unwind, destress and just take some time out for yourself, but it leaves you with time to re-evaluate. I love going on road trips. Whether it is with friends or family or by myself. I feel every young woman should take a road trip, whether solo or not at least once in her lifetime. Taking a road trip can be daunting. Especially if you’re like me and have terrible sense of direction, but I find once you know your destination and just embrace the experience then it is one of the best and funnest things you can do.

I have always had a massive case of the travel bug and heading into my late teens (soon to be 20! OMG!) I find that the travel bug is sitting me harder than ever before! When you are a student on a budget (like me) travelling can become that much harder. Of course there is always the option to save, which is great, but what about the time in between? That is where a road trip is such a great idea! I have come to learn that in order to ‘travel’ you don’t need to venture out far in order to gain the experience. You are only young once in your life and you only get to experience the certain freedom that you can while you are young once. I am a huge believer in seizing every moment and opportunity and a road trip makes for the most memorable moment as well as opportunities.

One of my favourite places to go for a road trip is Kiama. Not only do I like it because I have my Mum’s side of the family living there, but it truly is a little slice of paradise that doesn’t take long to get to at all, if you live in Sydney. And even if you don’t live in Sydney or Australia then I highly recommend you visit. It is about an hour and half’s drive south of Sydney (or 2-3 hours by train, which can be a nice alternative if you don’t feel like driving down). I love Kiama because of it’s seclusion and chilled back vibe. Some of the prettiest views and beaches I have ever seen have been in Kiama. So.. what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and hit the road and remember “roadtrips aren’t measured by miles, but by moments”.

road trip

One of the things that I love about taking road trips is that it is at your own pace as opposed to other means of transport when traveling such as flying. Now don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy flying and have been lucky enough to have had my fair share of plane flights over the years and living in Australia means it is pretty impossible to get anywhere without flying, but airports aren’t always the most enjoyable. When it comes to flying I like to try and be organised but as a result I always find I end up in a manic state of anxiety. From security to baggage checks to finding your gate plane flights can sometimes be really stressful. When travelling within Australia (or if your overseas and have that luxury) going by car can be a nice alternative and you get the scenery as a bonus too.

roat trip

It’s about minimalistic living..

Unlike long haul travel, when travelling by road you are limited by how much you can pack. To some this may sound completely insane, especially for the regular over packer. But I find a certain peace in the simplicity. You are forced to cope with what you’ve got. As a fashion lover myself this can be hard to narrow down. I find it helpful to create a carousel wardrobe when road tripping, so you have your staple pieces that are easy to mix and match.

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Road trips encourage spontaneity. Depending on the situation, road trips are pretty laid back and your not confined to time and tight schedules. When driving you are in control and this takes off an immense amount of pressure. It’s all about living for right now.

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