25 Fun Facts About Me

One of my goals for 2017 was to get back into making YouTube videos and to do YouTube on a regular basis. I want these videos to coincide with the blog and what you read. I also want these videos to give you all a little more insight to who I am and what I have to offer. I have some really fun videos planned and can not wait to take my channel to new heights. I hope you all enjoy this first video ’25 Fun Facts About Me’ as an introduction. If you have any video ideas of what I can do, let me know. Much love, Claire. XOXO

25 Fun Facts About Me!⎟Claire Rasa

  1. I have a phobia of heights and elevators
  2. I am nineteen years old, turning 20 on April 23rd
  3. My favourite colour is Tiffany blue
  4. I am Australian and I live in Sydney
  5. I used to be anaphylactic and very allergic to peanuts but I was one of the very luck few that grew out of the allergy
  6. I am a huge Taylor Swift and have no shame in admitting that I know probably every lyric to almost all of her songs
  7. I looovee anything vintage, especially vintage fashion
  8. I have a slight obsession with Audrey Hepburn and have seen her films more times than I can count now
  9. I love things to be even and not odd
  10. I much prefer winter over summer any day
  11. I am half Lithuanian
  12. I don’t like the taste of most soft drink especially coke, which I can not stand
  13. I do not have a single sporty bone in my body
  14. I have charted in Billboard twice and Billboard were nice enough to write a small article on me in their tomorrow’s hits back in 2015
  15. I’m appalling at direction
  16. I am a huge Disney fan especially when it comes to the Disney Princesses and I think you are never too old for Disney either
  17. I love to travel
  18. My favourite TV series of all time is Gossip Girl and it doesn’t matter how many times I watch it I always get hooked
  19. I love musicals and my favourite Musical is Les Misérables
  20. I have a massive sweet tooth
  21. I love cereal, so much so that I will often have for afternoon tea
  22. I really don’t like coffee and will often opt for a chai latte or hot chocolate when going out instead
  23. I get really sleepy with movement
  24. One of my biggest regrets is not knowing how to speak another language
  25. I am currently a university student and I am studying a bachelor of audio engineering

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