The Trench Coat – Why Every Woman Should Have One

There is no denying that I have always been a fan of ‘classic’ fashion. Those pieces that are staples that look effortlessly chic and timeless. I always think it is important to have a carousel wardrobe of such pieces. Those items of clothing that you can mix and match with pretty much every outfit. Not only does it dramatically lessen the amount of the time it takes to rummage through your clothes and saying to yourself that you have nothing to wear, but it is also cheaper and makes things that much easier when putting together an outfit.

For me, a trench coat is one of those pieces. You just need to think of the elegance of Audrey Hepburn mixed with the socialites of Serena and Blair from gossip girl to see why it is a signature for every woman. I could be wearing something plain and simple (like what I am in this outfit), and throwing on a trench automatically takes my outfit to street style ready in less than a minute. As soon as I put on my trench, I feel confident and like I am ready to take on anything. A trench fits right in with that Parisian feminine style. A style that I have only grown to love as I reach young adulthood.


1. They are classic & timeless

2. Dress it up and dress it down.. Perfect for a night on the town or a casual outting

3. They are perfect for mid-season dressing

4. Mix, match and wear with almost everything and anything

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