How To Use Eyeshadow To Bring Out Your Eyes

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and one of the first things that a person will notice about you. They help us to communicate and see the world. I know that the eyes is one the first things that I notice in a person. So with this in mind and considering their importance you want them to stand out right? From a makeup perspective it can be hard to find the right eyeshadow colour that brings out your eyes. You want them to shine and be the focal point. To make your eyes stand out, choosing the right eyeshadow is essential. With this little guide, hopefully you can learn what and what not to do when it comes to finding the right shadow and shade for you.

It's All About Balancing Colour

Typically speaking when finding the right colour to enhance your eyes, it is as easy as thinking in the mind frame of ‘opposites attract’. I know it sounds crazy, but trust me. If you look at a colour wheel and find your eye colour, usually the colour directly opposite will be your best bet.

Blue Eyes

The best colours that work for blue eyes are those that are copper, gold, brown and coral. If you stick to this family of colour, you can’t go wrong. You should stay away from anything too dark or dramatic. Softer coral tones won’t be overpowering and will create that perfect balance to make your blue eyes pop.

Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are very close to blue eyes. For gray eyes it is best to stick to orange, purple and red tones. Deep colours and smoky shades are the best for adding depth and allowing gray eyes to stand out.

Green Eyes

For green eyes, pinks and purples help draw attention. Similar to blue eyes, copper and gold tones can also make the green really pop and stand out.

Hazel Eyes

Neutral, warm earth tones are the best when enhancing hazel eyes. Greens and purples also work well for hazel eyes.

Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes you are lucky. Almost every colour suits brown eyes. Some of the best colours to help emphasise brown eyes include purple, blue, neutral shades, silver, orange and green.

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