5 Reasons To Make Your Next Holiday One At The Snow

For as long as I can remember I have always loved the mountains and cold! Don’t get me wrong, I do like my summer holidays, lazing about the beach among palm trees. But nothing beats the snow for me. I think mostly because my pale skin, no matter my attempts just doesn’t seem to be able to handle the heat. Also the fact that I live in pretty much a summer location as is. There is something so satisfying about standing on the top of a ski slope realising how extravagant our world is. There is a certain calmness and atmosphere that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Ever since I can remember, every summer I have escaped the heat and traded my legs for skis. It really is the perfect holiday. Nothing beats coming back home from a hard days ski on the mountain to a hot chocolate with an open fire and spa to complete.

At the moment I am in Sun Peaks Ski Resort in British Columbia, Canada. If you follow me on Instagram (@clairerasa), you would have been able to keep up to date with me on this holiday. It has been while I have been capturing this holiday that I have realised how welcoming Sun Peaks is. From the vibrant, colourful village, friendly locals, family fun activities and terrain. It is hard to not see why I wouldn’t recommend this destination. At the end of my holiday I will be going in depth with a blog post for all you need to know when planning a trip here. So if you are still undecided as to whether or not your next holiday should be spent at the snow, then maybe these reasons just might convince you.

1. It’s the easiest way to exercise

Whether it is skiing or snowboarding. It is a sport that you don’t even realise you are working hard at. It also helps that it is super fun. Going on a snow holiday eliminates one of the things we all worry about when holidaying.. Keeping up with keeping fit.

2. The scenery is always breathtaking

Every time I go on a ski holiday I am always taken back by the views. It really is picture perfect. I can’t count how many times I have been skiing and wanted to stop for a photo, even if it mean’t my hand felt like it was going to fall off from taking off my glove.

3. There’s always lot’s to do

There is more to a winter holiday than just skiing or snowboarding. No matter where you plan on going for your next snowy getaway I can guarantee that there will be an array of activities for you to choose from. I know here in Sun Peaks, they offer lots of fun activities, such as dog sledding, snow mobile tours, fondue dinners, guided snow shoe tours.. you get my point. Sometimes it can be hard to decide what activities to do and when, because there are so many to choose from.

4. You can almost be guaranteed to make new friends

The one great thing about a skiing or snow holiday is that you are pretty much guaranteed to meet new people. I know that I have made lots of new friends on my winter holidays. Whether it is talking to someone new going up a chairlift or striking up a conversation in a ski shop or bar. It is great because there is a shared interest. I find ski holidays are great for getting together with like minded people.

5. Après ski

Skiing may be fun during the day, but it doesn’t end there. There is always entertainment and night life that can be enjoyed after. There’s wining and dining options as well as options to party the night away, if you choose to do so. I enjoy Apres ski just as much as the Skiing itself. There’s nothing better than hitting the pub for an early dinner to finish off the day or stopping mid mountain for a hot chocolate break. It’s all these little inclusions that create the atmosphere that I have come to love.

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