Instagram Tips & Tricks + How To Achieve Your Perfect Theme!

Hello lovelies! And welcome back to a brand new blog post! I hope your first week of 2017 has been treating you well.

In today’s day in age it is nearly impossible to not get hyped up in the world that is social media. It is crazy to see what we have available right at our fingertips. Social media can sometimes carry negative connotations, but when it is used to our advantage it can be one of the most powerful and influential tools out there! Whether it is to build your personal brand or share life’s memorable moments.

In today’s blog post I thought I would talk about one of my favourite things to do with social media.. Instagram! Not only is Instagram one of the greatest marketing tools out there, but it is probably the most fun as well! The one thing I love about Instagram is how visual it is. This visual aspect most likely explains why most creators and digital influencers have used the platform to maximise their following. Myself included! I like to look at Instagram this way. People like things that are accessible and easy. Instagram is exactly that. They do say a picture speaks a thousand words right?

So if you are as Instagram addicted as I am then continue reading to find out all you need to know.


For everyday I like to use my iphone7. Phones have amazing camera’s these days plus it is super convenient.

Even though phones can be good, sometimes I do like to go with something a little more on the professional side. Having a good portable camera is crucial in my opinion. Especially if you are looking to take your Instagram to the next level. My favourite camera at the moment is the Canon G7X. The quality is absolutely astounding. The other reason why I love this camera is that it is high performance, meaning it has some impressive capabilities and possibilities. It is also super compact, making it perfect to travel around with.

If you want to up the ante even further with quality, investing in a good DSLR can be a good idea. I love using my DSLR, especially for Instagram photos that are linked to my blog. They give it that real professional edge that you just can’t get with anything else. The DSLR camera that I use is the Canon t4i. The great thing about DSLR’s is that if you want to get really professional or just have some fun you can play around with lenses. I won’t go into too much detail about lenses to save this post being longer than it has to, but some google research can help you find the right one for your photography needs.

Taking Photos


If you are an account that is focused on fashion or has elements of fashion (like me), then knowing how to get that ootd is essential. The most important thing with ootd pictures is your backdrop. It is important to keep your backdrop as simple as possible to showcase your outfit and to also pick a backdrop that fits with your theme and/or outfit. An alternative to having a perfect backdrop is to just simply keep your subject in focus. Using portrait mode on your camera will allow this. The new iPhone has a great depth of field effect to create that blurred backdrop. There are also some great apps out there to help  as well.

When taking an ootd it is always best to take it from a lower angle looking up. The trick with this is that it elongates your subject, making your subject look leaner and taller. Generally speaking, it is the most flattering angle for outfit photos.

If you are the subject in the photo try playing around with poses. You want to vary it up a bit. I like to look to other bloggers, models etc. for inspiration. With posing practice makes perfect.

If you are taking an ootd photo of yourself, investing in a tripod and a wireless remote or clicker is a good idea. This saves much hassle and saves running back and forth with a timer.

Lastly, lighting is key when taking an ootd. A good rule of thumb is to have the light as natural as possible. Again, this is just something that takes practice. With lighting it is also up to personal preference.

Flat Lays

Similarly to OOTDs flat lays are also important to incorporate in your Instagram aesthetic. It is important to keep your backdrop as simple as possible so you can show the products you are featuring. One of my favourite cheats to taking a flat lay is to print out on cardboard a backdrop of your choosing, e.g. marble background. That way when you place your objects for the photo no will know it isn’t an authentic backdrop. It’s all about saving time and making things as easy as possible.

Think about your composition. Sometimes less is more! So you don’t always have to feel like you need to fill the entire frame. Keep it clean and simple.

Remember Instagram crops in a square on your feed.. Just a good thing to keep in mind.

Travel & Landscape

When taking a photo of an incredible view, whether that is a city scape or crashing waves, it is best to have your camera in landscape mode. When using an iPhone always use landscape over portrait remember the square in your feed. Taking a photo in a square can also be handy.

You want to fill your frame so it is important to pay attention to the edges and corners of the shot. Consider what it is you are wanting to capture and whether that fits with your aesthetic.

Look for inspiration. I find myself always on Pinterest and weheartit for travel photography inspiration. A good tip is to search popular hashtags such as #wanderlust, #travel inspiration etc.


Detailed photos are great. It’s always great to keep an eye out for the small things.

A handy hint is to capture in the shade or when it is a little overcast. Now I know this goes against the natural lighting philosophy, but having some shade allows for focus on the subject. There is no point having the sun wash it out.



The editing process of Instagram is my favourite part! It is that last chance to add your finishing touch before hitting that upload button. Two programs that I suggest investing in are photoshop and/or lightroom. If you are a complete beginner to these programs there are so many tutorials out there so it is easy to pick up and learn.


To edit most of my Instagram photos I use a bunch of apps on my phone. I have them all listed below as well as what I do with each.


This is a photo app that I believe is owned and run by google. I absolutely love this app. When I edit my Instagram photos I will always start out using this app. There are many things you can do with this app, but I like to use this app for one thing when editing my photos. I will also go down the HDR Scape function and choose either nature or people (I don’t use the fine or strong options), depending on the photo and bring it up to about 20. I very rarely will go over 20 as that is when your photo can start to look artificial. This just adds a little more definition to the photo and brings out the colours a little more.


I only really like to use Facetune for the whitening tool. In Instagram I personally hate having any yellow undertones in a photo with a a lot of white. I like my photos to be bright. I will just whiten over any thing that I think could be.. well whiter. I used to also use the defocus tool in facetune to help blur a background, however I haven’t used that tool much since the iPhone came out with the new depth of field effect.


Now this is an app that I also love. I like to use retouch to remove certain objects that may be in the way of my photo.


This is the app where I will adjust the colour, light, contrast and basically fix those tiny details.


And last, but certainly not least. VSCO has to be my favourite all the photo editing apps. This is where I choose my filter. VSCO has endless options and filters to fit any photo. This is also the app, where if you want to stick to a theme you can use the same group of filter e.g. ’s series’ to do so.

And that is basically it. I hope this blog post helped some of you out. Instagram is one of my favourite apps, which is why I always make sure to put in the extra effort.

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