A Guide On The Ultimate Bold Lip

Wearing a bold lip can be really striking but can also sometimes be really daunting. Especially if you are someone who tends to go for nude tones. Whenever I see someone wearing a bold lip I immediately think of how that person exudes confidence.

It seems bold lips are all the rage. So if you are wanting to know the secrets to pulling off a bold lip then keep on reading!

Keep your eyes simple

One of the greatest tips for wearing a bold lip is keeping the eyes natural. If you go too heavy on the eyes it can look overdone, especially if you are a newby to bold lipstick.

Line to define

When applying a bold lipstick, it is important to line your lips to limit the likelihood of mistakes and smearing.

You should go for a liner that matches your lipstick. If you want to go a little riskier you can always go for a liner a shade or so darker to give the illusion of fuller lips.

Something that I have always done when wearing bold lipsticks is to fill in the whole of my lips with liner. This helps the colour of the lipstick last longer, once applied over the top.

The smudging technique

If you are someone who is new to bold lipsticks and are not yet ready for something that is too out there. A good way to work up to a bold lip is to smudge. I mostly use my finger to blend out the colour. Hard lines are not for everybody. I sometimes like to smudge my lipstick to create a softer look.

Keep the rest of your face simple

Similarly to what I said about keeping the eyes simple, you want to keep your face simple as well. You want your bold lip to look effortless. There is no point drawing unnecessary attention to other areas of your face, when the whole idea is to make your lips the focal point.

Lasting power

You want your bold lip to last all day. I already mentioned filling in with liner, but there are other techniques you can use as well.

One technique that I use and swear by is applying a very light dusting of translucent powder onto your lips. This will lock in your lips and last you until you take your lipstick off.

Make it pop

If you really want your lipstick to stand out a handy tip is to go around your lips with concealer. This will not only clean up the edges and create a nice, defined line, but will help in making your lips pop.

Another tip is to highlight your cupids bow. Highlighting your cupid’s bow is a handy little trick to make your lips look fuller. This in turn will help your lips be the centre of attention and show off that amazing colour.

Bold lips can be quite scary, especially if you haven’t experimented with daring colours before. It is all about practice and confidence.

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