Bomber Jacket – My Favourite Outer Wear

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If you read my latest blog post you would know that I am loving how the 90s is coming back in style. One of my favourite 90s items is the bomber jacket and when I was last shopping and came across this jacket I knew I had to get it.

I am always after those pieces that are stand outs. Pieces that are unique that I can style an entire outfit around. This jacket is the perfect stand out piece to do that with. It is the perfect mix of edgy meets flirty. This jacket is also super comfortable! It’s been my go to jacket to take with me when flying. So if you’re after a way to look effortlessly stylish at an airport, I’d highly suggest in getting one.

Recently I have been trying to branch out with my style and step out of my comfort zone. Usually my style is girly and feminine and I have been exploring to try and add some more ‘edge’ to my wardrobe. I love this jacket because it has that edgy feel but the colourful floral pattern still fits in with my usual style.

This jacket is one that I have definitely been wearing non stop. I have a feeling that this will be the first of many bomber jackets to add to my collection. Do you love the bomber jacket just as much as I do?

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