You’re From The 70’s, But I’m A 90’s Bitch

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90’s bitch.. I always find it ironic how fashions change. One minute something that was in is now out and then all of a sudden it makes a full circle and is what everyone is wearing again. Have you hopped on the 90’s train yet? Are you becoming a true 90’s bitch? Because the 90s is exactly what I am talking about when I say fashions make a full circle.

I personally love how the 90’s is making a comeback in a big way.

For this blog I want to share what I am loving and feel passionate about when it comes to fashion. Whether it is me featuring my favourite outfit from my own photography and wardrobe or scouring the web for my favourite trends to show you.

When scouring the web Pinterest is one of my favourite go-to places when finding outfit inspiration (follow me if your not already.. shameless plug). I have been turning to Pinterest for some 90s inspiration, so come on ‘as if’ you aren’t as excited as I am to start living the 90’s. Quit bugg’n and let you’re inner 90’s bitch out.


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