Jumpsuit Love – My Favourite Summer Piece

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Ah the jumpsuit, one of my ultimate fashion go to’s. That item I think every woman should have in their closet. I absolutely love a good jumpsuit because of how it elongates my body and how it is simple and easy to throw on/put together. This jumpsuit that I am wearing is one that I purchased from a few seasons back. I say jumpsuit love because it really is one of my favourite summer pieces.

When I purchased it I fell in love with it. It needed altering in a few places so I never really got round to wearing it. That’s always the way isn’t it? We say we are going to do things and then the hustle and bustle of busy living gets in the way. Come round to a few months back I finally got round to getting it altered. It’s clear to say that I have fallen in love with it just as much as the first time I tried it on in the store.

I love the summer vibe of this jumpsuit and the detailed pattern. What I love is how this is a stand alone piece and speaks for itself, so there isn’t much needed in the way of accessories. The whole outfit is from one of my favourite Aussie brands Sportsgirl. As mentioned earlier this jumpsuit is one I purchased a while back, so will have some alternatives linked below.

What I am wearing




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